Arié van Egmond

The Raft

The Raft is an emergency theatre, created in response to the shutdown of cultural spaces during the Covid crisis and, more broadly, to the cultural policies of recent years. It is a modular space that lives through its occupation. A raft to meet, talk and imagine the future.

This project was created as part of a competition organised by the ATPS (Association of Professional Performing Arts Technicians) with the participation of UHasselt, Fine Arts Antwerp, Fine Arts of Liège, ESA St-Luc of Liège, St-Luc Atelier and, as selected school, ENSAV La Cambre. It won this competition and represented the Belgian student pavilion at the quadrennial of scenography in Prague 2023.PQ23

Creative team
 Student Project Promoters: Rafaelle Roux, Lucie Chauvin-Philippson, Mathis Parmentier and Félicie Decleire
Main Teacher: Simon Siegmann

 Arié van Egmond

ATPS (Association de Technicien·ne·s Professionnel·les du Spectacle) (Association of Professional Performing Arts Technicians)


The Raft's ministers
The rooftop
Opening of diplomatic relations with Traffic Island
Pavillon Bosio's performance in The Raft
Details from the exhibition of the UHasselt students !